Wednesday, July 24, 2019

"A B C's of Partnership Building Horsemanship"
"Communicating in a Language they Understand"
Natural Horsemanship or Natural Communication, to the language they understand, is key here. Although nothing is natural for horses and human together, for a moment lets place ourselves in their shoes.
We are two legged, skinny, smell funny and are very much cluttered mentally. Why is it that go on demanding such ridiculous feet's and get frustrated because they are being "obstinate". I disagree with the accusation, because the answer is quite simple, they just don't understand. They are very forgiving by trying and giving to you all the time. Lets face it without us in the picture they can jump over lumber and streams. Flying lead changes and slide stops to avoid the mare. They side step laterally to play with a stick with another horse. Turn on the forehand and haunches when getting out of dodge. Drive off each other to establish leadership. Collect because they show off for to another stallion. Spanish walk and pawing to display for the mare in heat. These are all natural behaviors however we get involved , with instant gratification and think we have discovered the wheel. What makes my exercises so special is communicating in a language they have ben speaking for over 50 million years. Emphasis on timing, thought is the ultimate goal from the prospective of the horse.
Everything that is done on the ground, will not only make sense in the saddle but set the horse up for success. Work that is done on the ground not only elevates your safety, but will assure not to miscommunicate in other areas with your relationship with your equine partner, the amazing Horse!
By Katherine Barbarite of Whispering Hooves

Friday, July 19, 2019

"To lead or not to lead"
The ability to have constant calm confidence is what you want to establish in becoming the nurturing leader. With that, the horse will look for you and want to be with you. Limit fustration and fear and be part of the relationship sharing their world. You first need to achieve the assurance of trust and communication. Black or white, either you lead or they do, can be identified when asking for something from your horse and they chose to do something else. Stick with your original ask repeating until they understand you are the leader. Once established, they will relax and be soft. It's because of life preservation that do what they do.
By Katherine Barbarite of Whispering Hooves