Monday, August 22, 2016

Posture& Position
Just ask yourself, how is your posture? Am I positioned on the horse to cause extra weight on areas not necessary or even pain? Is your horse very forehanded or even racy when asked to move out, or even downright uncomfortable?
The questions are endless, and incorrect posture can promote uneven uses of the horse's natural movement and structure, as well as you, the rider.
The term that is used for many years "shoulder hip and heel" has been taught to ma...ny equestrians, is a term we should consider revisiting
No human or living being is born perfect or at equal parts. Some have tilted hips , shorter legs on one side, or simply one side is larger than the other. This makes it almost impossible to make the above term perfectly workable.
With understanding of the human to horse mechanics it comes down to this, positioning yourself on your seat bones allow the vertebra to straighten. Allow your legs to go long with a slight give at the knee, so your toes can pin out causing your heel to naturally drop. In conclusion, you actually feel a lengthening of your body allowing yourself to be in the center core of the horse, that's where you should be!
By Katherine Barbarite of Whispering Hooves