Thursday, May 12, 2011


Back some time ago when I was managing a barn that offered Trail rides, I took an appointment on the phone that had me chuckle in surprise. A woman had called to arrange a party of three to ride on the trail that day and had a couple of questions for me before there arrival.

First she asked the most popular question it was about how much land we ride on and about the horses then asked what kind of saddles we used. Answering her questions to the fullest I told her that we only use western saddles in the trails for the clients safety. She then asked, "what is the difference between a Western and English saddle?" I replied well.. the western saddle has a pommel and a horn . With a gasp behind the phone, a response was given as such"Well if there is so much traffic on your trail, I do not care to ride them." then abruptly hung up. I stared in the air as if I saw a Ferris wheel, thought for a minute, and started laughing with disbelief of what I heard.

If anything it has lasted all these years and is a favorite told on my Instruction Trail Rides.

Enjoy all!!!